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how to start getting better results from each control.

Using this understanding, you will be able to use each control to improve the

quality of the pictures you take, and get yourself ready to move on to more

complex techniques and camera controls.

What’s even more exciting is that everything will be explained in a straight

forward, easy to understand way. If any photographic term or jargon is used,

I’ll be sure there is a clear, concise and understandable explanation of what it is.

Why don’t we start to build the foundations of your knowledge by going back to


PHOTOGRAPHY 101 – To Begin At The Beginning

You need 3 fundamental things to take any ordinary photograph:-
 A subject

 Light
 A camera (recording device)

The subject – the subject of your picture - can be anything you choose; a

landscape, a person, a building….. in fact anything that you see and want to
capture an image of.

Light is something we take for granted. It’s all around us and is the reason we

can see what is there. It lights up objects and can be produced by natural means

– such as the sun or lightning, or by artificial mean - artificial lighting is

something man made like street lights, fluorescent lights and light bulbs.

The camera is the tool you use to record your photograph with. Whilst many

people buy a new compact camera every couple of years, and technology

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